Our dry liposomal supplements are designed to ensure your body absorbs as much of the active ingredient as possible.
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Tasteless, unlike liquid liposomal

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Lipsomal dry liposomal supplements are designed to ensure your body absorbs as much of the active ingredient as possible.


It is hard to downplay the extraordinary capabilities of a liposome. Dry liposomes can be instantly absorbed into your body, resulting in significantly higher absorption than conventionally available supplements.


A liposome is a protective bubble comprised of phospholipids, the same phospholipids that make up human cells.
Supplements must withstand the digestive process to ensure nutrients reach your cells and tissues. Your stomach acid has a pH only slightly higher than battery acid!
A liposome protects the active ingredients as the body recognizes the phospholipid material, allowing them to connect and release its contents into your cells.
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What People are saying

High Recommended

I really love this product. I was sick for 2 weeks with a cold that was lingering, and Lipsomal vitamin C had me feeling better within 2 days. My congestion was gone and my energy started to come back. I have been taking this product for about a week now and already see a difference in being able to wake up easy in the mornings instead of feeling tired as I did prior to getting sick. I will continue to take this product daily and highly recommend this product to everyone.
About Liposomal Vitamin C

Best Product

Probably one of the better vitamin C's I used. What I like about this Vitamin C is that I can just put it in my juice or water without having a strong flavor. Great immunity boost overall!
About Liposomal Vitamin C

What makes
LipoDry different?


We are experts in making dry liposomal products. Therefore, we don’t use third-party contract manufacturers.


Our dry liposomal formula must meet strict quality checks before going to our customers. Therefore, we use advanced liposomal techniques to guarantee quality products.


Our processes are designed with sustainability in mind. We want our products, supply chain, and marketing to be fair and put the least pressure on our planet and its inhabitants.


A quality liposomal formula requires quality ingredients. Lipsomal supplements are formulated, so they are tasteless and are beneficial for you. In addition, we carefully select and only use high-quality and safe ingredients. We want the very best for our customers.


All our products are suitable for Vegans.
Dry liposomes are the next evolutionary step in the liposomal delivery industry. They provide all of the benefits of the liposomal delivery system. 
They also eliminate all of the downsides and make the use and storage of such products as convenient as traditional supplements. So enjoy all the benefits with no compromise on the active ingredients!

Why Liposomal Supplements?

The liposome protects its contents against the harsh acids of the stomach. It allows easier absorption in the stomach and higher intestinal tract.
Once absorbed from the gut, a breakdown of the liposome occurs, and the liposome contents are released into the bloodstream.
The lipids that are commonly used in the production of liposomes are utilized elsewhere in the body to produce new cells.
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Asked Questions?

What Are Liposomal Supplements?
Liposomal supplements are nutrients packaged within a liposome, a little pocket of fat cells. This technique helps preserve the nutrient and improves absorption within the body. The liposome's lipid bilayer is very similar in structure and composition to the membrane that covers all cells in our body. This is why liposomal methods of delivery work so well; they mimic our body's cells.
Why use dry liposomes?
Our dry liposomes come in easy-to-take vegan-friendly capsules.
Dry liposomes are easier to store and travel with than liquid liposomal products. They are also entirely tasteless.
What time of the day is the best time to take a supplement?
Unless otherwise stated on the label, a supplement may be taken at any time of the day. Sometimes, it is advised to take a supplement during a meal or just before or after a meal. Always check the label for specific instructions.
When does a supplement (generally) start working?
Everybody has a unique biological chemical composition. In addition, a supplement is absorbed faster in one body than in the other. It also matters in what quantity a substance is already present in the body. For vitamins and minerals, it generally takes at least 2 to 4 weeks before you notice anything. Always keep in mind that any result will be observed gradually.
I have trouble swallowing. Can I open the capsules?
If you want to open the dry liposomal capsules, this is generally not a problem. You can mix the dry liposomes with food or or yogurt or use it in a smoothie. If the powder does not taste bitter, you can try it with a glass of water or another drink.
What is the best way to store my supplements?
Usually, cool and dry conditions are best for supplements. Warm and/or humid conditions, such as in bathrooms and kitchens, shorten the product’s life. Please note, by cool,, we do not mean in the fridge! Always consult the product label first because some supplements have special storage advice.
Can I still use a supplement if it has passed its expiration date?
We can no longer guarantee the quality of a supplement after the recommended consumption date has passed.
Can I take supplements if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
In the case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, we advise you to consult an expert before using supplements.

*Please note the Lipsomal® products are not intended to prevent, cure or treat any specific health condition or disease. If you are experiencing a health problem, we recommend finding a healthcare practitioner.


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